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10 The Shrubberies, South Woodford, London, E18 1BG, Tel: 020 8556 4984


All of APS's rooms are comfortable, spacious and well furnished and can be rented out on an ad-hoc basis at only £8.30 per hour.

• Minimum appointments 5 per week totalling £41.50 per week.
• Therapists must pay a direct debit of £180 per month.
• Bookings go up 5 at a time, so if you have 10 clients direct debit changes to £360 per month
• Therapists dont have to use all bookings and they can be spread across the week.
• Ad hoc appointments available at £15.00 per hour

All therapists have their own individual keys to the premises and are not restricted with access. APS provides the first set of keys free. If the keys are lost, the therapist must replace them.

Please contact Vonnie on 0208 556 4984 / 07977 460 529 for further information.