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10 The Shrubberies, South Woodford, London, E18 1BG, Tel: 020 8556 4984


Welcome to APS Psychotherapy and Counselling, my name is Siobhain (Vonnie) Crosbie and I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and counsellor and also the Director of APS Psychotherapy and Counselling based in London. The following is my way of trying to connect with you...

I started APS with belief that our London therapists should be different to those you'd find working in most other organisations. Do you ever find many organisations, be they gas/electricity companies, phone companies and so on, simply don't care about you the customer? Their sole interest is in taking your money!

APS PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COUNSELLING IN LONDON IS DIFFERENT! Every therapist is passionate about YOU. Our therapists understand how picking up the phone to arrange an appointment with a therapist takes courage and is the result of months if not possibly years of torment and in some cases denial.

It's the first step to recognising you are going to change your life and that you are allowing someone to work with you to achieve that. Those two things reflect something about you straight away, a desire for life to be better and for courage to take that step.

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We know how personal history impacts upon relationships, how trauma creates negative feelings, and that we can sub consciously create situations in our life that make us angry with ourselves and others. We know that you focus too much on what others think when actually the most important thoughts and feelings are your own. We know that in today's society people don't often care, that's why, the therapists and myself at APS are different. We do care. We have flexible appointment times and even though we do have to charge a fee for our time we try hard to accommodate you if you are on a low income.

Every client is important to me which is why I personally take the time with you on the phone to advise on the best therapist for you to work with. If we make the wrong choice you can change your therapist. YOU are someone who has taken a very big decision and I understand that, and you will be treated with the respect you deserve for making that decision. I hope the above does relate to how you feel about organisations and I know that by contacting me you will know that APS is different and does care about YOU.